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How to Get Rid of Redirect Virus From Your Computer?

Is your homepage replaced by suddenly? Are you often redirected to the websites that pop up many ads? If you experience these problems, you need to be alert because some computer viruses or malicious programs may be in your computer. You need to delete them in order to get rid of redirect virus.

Something about virus

Usually, replaces your Google, Yahoo or other addresses which is set as homepage without warning. When you start the browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the web page is redirected to unwanted websites which displays various pop-up ads.

Screenshot of a pop-up advertisement from the website:

The website is a browser hijacker which changes the homepage of your browsers on the infected computer. It is generally used by a plug-in, a toolbar or other unknown programs to displaying advertising and boost web traffic. If you install a piece of freeware that bundled with adware or a plug-in along with the browser hijacker, your browser will be affected after the installation of the freeware. An automatic update of software can bring the redirect virus silently without your knowledge. In addition, it can be distributed through spam emails and malicious websites. So don’t click on the links or attachments from the unknown junk emails nor view porn videos online.

Hazard of redirect virus

The redirect virus should be deleted as soon as possible because it can lead to terrible consequences to your system. The ads or sponsored links delivered by the website may redirect you to other malicious sites and other malware may be downloaded on the compromised computer once the ads are clicked. What’s worse, the browser hijacker can spy on your Internet activities and steal the confidential information and then send it to cyber criminals. Your important information such as ID number, phone number, credit card details and other data may be utilized for malicious purposes.

How to delete redirect virus manually?

Antivirus software may fail to recognize the plug-in or the program that causes the web browser redirection, so you need to find out the program responsible for the browser hijacker and remove it. Follow the steps below and you can effectively clean the threat.

Step1. Search for the suspicious program/toolbar/plug-in and remove it.

If you use Windows XP, click Start, go to Control Panel and click Add/Remove Programs. From all the programs installed on your computer, select the one that installed or updated most recently and click Remove.

If you use Windows 7, click Start, point to Control Panel, go to Programs and click Programs and Features. Select the program or plug-in unfamiliar and click Uninstall.

Step2. Uninstall unnecessary add-ons from your web browser.

Internet Explorer

Start IE, click Tools and go to Manage add-ons. Click the Toolbars and Extensions tab, select the add-on installed without consent and remove it.

Mozilla Firefox

Start Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + A to open Add-ons Manager page. Click the Extensions tab, select the unfamiliar add-ons and disable or remove them.

Google Chrome

Open Chrome, click on Wrench or 3-Bars icon, point to Tools and go to Extensions. In the opened Extensions page, select the extension you don’t know and click the trash box next to Enabled or Enable to remove it.


The steps above can help you remove the malicious program which causes the browser hijacker. However, some plug-ins cannot be seen in the Control Panel or add-on manager of your browser. How can you delete them? Take it easy. When you encounter this problem, download and install Mighty Uninstaller – a reputable removal utility which can show you all the programs installed on your PC and delete any of them quickly and completely. With it, you can remove several suspicious programs at the same time conveniently. It is a good idea for you to use it to remove redirect virus.

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