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Entrusted Toolbar Removal – How to Remove Entrusted Toolbar From Your PC?

Is Entrusted Toolbar installed on your computer? Are you always redirected to whenever you start the web browser? If so, your computer may be infected by a browser hijacker. When encounter this problem, how can you solve it? If you have no idea how to remove Entrusted Toolbar, follow the guide in this post and you can successfully get rid of the threat.

Description of Entrusted Toolbar

The toolbar is developed by Conduit Ltd and is attached to internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as an extension/add-on without consent. It changes internet browser settings of the targeted browser. The homepage and default search engine will be replaced by Entrusted. You will see the following images or similar when you open the web browser:

The toolbar itself is not malicious, but it may display advertisements and sponsored links on the search results when you search something on the Internet. In addition, the threat may violate your personal privacy. It can collect and store information about your activities when you use its search engine. Your information may be shared with third party applications. Then your personal data may be known and utilized by others. They can send advertisements based on what your search queries to your PC screen directly or when you open web pages. The toolbar is a potential treat to your personal privacy and should be deleted from the browser as quickly as possible.

How to remove Entrusted Toolbar completely from your PC?

Step1. Uninstall the toolbar via Control Panel.

Windows XP

Click Start, go to Control Panel, and double click on Add/Remove Programs. Select Entrusted Toolbar from the list of programs installed on your system and click Remove to delete it.

Windows 7

Click Start, go to Control Panel, go to Programs and then point to Programs and Features. Select the toolbar you need to click Uninstall button to remove it.

Step2. Change the homepage with another website you like.

Internet Explorer

Start IE, click Tools > Internet Options > General, type the website you like to replace at the Homepage box. Then click Apply.

Google Chrome

Open Chrome, click on Wrench or 3-Bars icon > Options > Basics > Manage Search engines, click on the Homepage and set a new website as your default homepage.

Mozilla Firefox

Run Firefox, click Tools > Options > General, at the Homepage box, replace with another website you prefer and then click OK.

Step3. Clear the cookies of the infected browsers.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet explorer, click on Tools > Safety > Delete browsing history, check Cookies box and then click Delete.

Google Chrome

Start Chrome, click on Wrench or 3-Bars icon > Tools > Clear browsing data button. Check the items listed and click “Clear browsing data” to remove them.

Mozilla Firefox

Start Firefox, click on Tools > Options > Privacy> Remove individual cookies > Show Cookies. Select the entry of the website in the list and click on the Remove Cookie button to remove a single cookie. Click on the Remove All Cookies button to remove all cookies.


To uninstall Entrusted Toolbar completely and rapidly, it is suggested that you use a professional removal tool to deal with the problem. Though you delete the toolbar via Control Panel, some leftovers of the threat may also be left on your PC. It is troublesome to erase them manually. However, a professional removal tool can perfectly clean all the programs, files and registry entries related to the toolbar within minutes. Your infected computer will become clean soon.

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