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Annoyed By FreeHDSport.TV? – Remove FreeHDSport.TV From Your PC Completely

Are you annoyed by FreeHDSport.TV, a computer application installed on your computer? Does your computer receive a number of advertisements due to this application? Have try uninstalling it through Add/Remove Programs but it refuses to be removed? Don’t be upset. There are other ways that can help completely remove FreeHDSport.TV from your machine.

FreeHDSport.TV is an application that claims to allow users to entertain themselves with worldwide sports, news, music, movies, etc after install it onto their computers. However, this application does not only act as it has claimed, it can do other things and bring annoying problems. Once installed, it will install browser add-ons, such as CouponDropDown on users’ browsers without asking any consent. As a result, users will receive a lot of popping-up commercial ads on their browsers again and again while surfing the Internet. The application is also considered to invade users’ privacy by monitoring their browsing activities and collecting personal information (such as age, and occupation) on the websites they have visited. Once collected, that information will be shared with the third parties-usually advertisers. By doing so, the advertisers can deliver advertisements that match users’ interests. It is recommended to uninstall this application and its related add-ons immediately so as to stop the ceaseless ad pop-ups and avoid personal information theft.

How to Remove FreeHDSport.TV from Your PC

If you have been fed up with the application, you can follow the steps below to perform a removal of this application.

Step 1: Terminate process of the application through the Windows Task Manager.
1. Press the keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously and this will launch the Windows Task Manger.
2. Navigate to “Applications”, find out the application in the list, right click on it and click on “Go to Process”.

3. Terminate process of the application by clicking on it and then clicking on the “End Process” button.

Step 2: Delete files of the application from your computer.
1. Click the Start menu and click “Search”.
2. Type the application name into the search box and then search any files related to the application in the local hard disk C.

3. Delete the files you have found and then navigate to the folder of %Temp% to delete files in it.

Step 3: Remove registry entries related to the application through Registry Editor.
1. Click Run from the Start menu and the Run box will open. Type “regedit” in the box and press Enter. Then the Registry Editor appears.

2. Select “Edit’ and click on “Find”. Type the application name in the search box.
3. Find out and delete the registry entries related to the application.

Step 4: Remove the add-ons that comes with FreeHDSport.TV from the infected browsers.

Internet Explorer
1. Launch IE browser, click Tools and navigate to Manage add-ons.
2. Remove add-ons or plug-ins you don’t want from the browser.

Google Chrome
1. Open Chrome browser and click the Wrench icon.
2. Navigate to Tools and select Extensions.
3. Remove the unwanted add-ons or extensions.

Mozilla Firefox
1. Open Firefox browser, click Tools and select Add-ons (Ctrl+ Shift+ A).
2. Remove add-ons, extensions or plug-ins from the browser.

Another way to get rid of FreeHDSport.TV is to use an automatic removal tool. This way is recommended to PC users who don’t know clearly how to perform the manual removal or do not want to manually remove the application by their own. With a reliable removal tool, you can uninstall the application both easily and completely from your computer. Click on the download link below and you can free download a powerful uninstall tool which is able to forcibly remove any unwanted applications and programs on your operating system.

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